A Ghostly Theatre of Reflections – Percussion Ensemble Commissioning Consortium

Paul Elwood, eclectic composer of works for Velcro tap-dancer and percussion (“Edgard Varese in the Gobi Desert”) and “A Bowl of Light” for percussion ensemble with nebulous metals and toy piano, will compose a percussion quartet in three movements. The composition, titled “A Ghostly Theater of Reflections,” will total approximately 12 minutes in length. The overall timbres of the piece center on resonant sustaining sounds such as vibraphone, bowed Japanese rin bells, Javanese button gongs, Chinese gongs, etc.

His percussion works have been performed by luminaries Tambuco, Stuart Gerber, Pattie Cudd (on her new Eos CD), the Eastman Percussion Ensemble (under John Beck), Iowa Percussion (under Daniel Moore), the Cleveland Conservatory of Music Percussion Ensemble, and many others.

Elwood states that he wishes to evoke programmatically the potential of an unseen world around us, the illusions of memory, and reflections of sound as echoing phenomena evoking broad spaciousness. Three movement titles are:

1. Millenium Echoes
2. Converging line and thought
3. Merged points in curved space

The consortium lead member is the University of Northern Colorado Percussion Ensemble, Mike Truesdell, director. The cost for each institutional consortium member is $200 with a shipping date of score and parts no later than August 31, 2018. An individual may buy into the consortium for $100.

Please contact Paul directly with further questions: extremebanjoist (at) gmail.com

The following is an example of Paul’s most recent work for percussion: “Plutonic Winds,” featuring Aly Olson, soprano, and the University of Iowa Percussion Ensemble under the direction of Daniel Moore.