A GHOSTLY THEATRE OF REFLECTIONS is a commissioning project for percussion ensemble seeking a consortium of institutions or individuals interested in participating. Please refer to details at the following link.

A Ghostly Theatre of Reflections – Percussion Ensemble Commissioning Consortium

ÉMISSIONS TRANSPARENTS, a collection of works including the eponymous composition for solo electric guitar and chamber ensemble, Plutonic Winds with soprano Aly Olson and the University of Iowa Percussion Ensemble under the direction of Daniel Moore, improvisations with Eddy Prévost of the legendary AMM improv ensemble, and an electronic work featuring pianist Rose Chancler, is accepted for release by Innova Recordings (innova 005) in September 2018. Other great musicians included are guitarist Pablo Gomez with the Callithumpian Consort of the New England Conservatory, Stephen Drury, conducting, folk/blues singer Cary Fridley, and Rose Chancler, piano.

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