ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION BELLAGIO CENTER – I was awarded a month-long residency for November 2021. I composed a 45-minute work for solo piano with electronics for pianist Kathleen Supove’s “Migration Project.” Her concept is broad in its interpretation of “migration,” be it groups of people in migration or world transformations. My composition, titled Atmospheric Rivers, is developed on the theme of interplanetary migrations of plankton. These microorganisms not only are the basis of the oceanic food chain, but in a roundabout complex migration, also end up nourishing the Amazon rain forest. My composition conceptually addresses the interconnectivity of these microorganisms with oceanic animal life, ocean currents, winds, and forests.

Finalist for the AMERICAN PRIZE, 2019-2020 in the category for theatre and opera: Lulu of the Plains (2018) for soprano, flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello.

ÉMISSIONS TRANSPARENTS, a collection of works including the eponymous composition for solo electric guitar and chamber ensemble, Plutonic Winds with soprano Aly Olson and the University of Iowa Percussion Ensemble under the direction of Daniel Moore, improvisations with Eddy Prévost of the legendary AMM improv ensemble, and an electronic work featuring pianist Rose Chancler, was released by Innova Recordings (innova 005) in January 2019. Other great musicians included are guitarist Pablo Gomez with the Callithumpian Consort of the New England Conservatory, Stephen Drury, conducting, folk/blues singer Cary Fridley, and Rose Chancler, piano.

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