In 2010 The Prairie Pranksters (Paul Elwood, Natalie Padilla and Sara Haefeli) recorded the Appalachian folk song “The Girl I Left Behind” a.k.a. “I’ve Always Been a Rambler”. Out now on my Spotify/YouTube channels.  

1983-Present PERDIDA (2022) an operetta produced as a ThroughLines interdisciplinary event at the University of Northern Colorado. For singer/conductor/guitarist (mezzo-range) in the lead role, soprano and bass singers, two dancers, and flute, percussion, piano, and double bass. Text by Jolie González Masmela and Paul Elwood, stage direction by Rand Harmon, […]

PÉRDIDA Pèrdida is a three-scene theatre piece for voice, guitar, flute, percussion, piano, and double bass. The composition is written for conductor/singer/guitarist/actress Jolie Gonzàlez Masmela. A Colombian native, she will sing, act, dance, and conduct the ensemble simultaneously. The music and script are composed by Paul Elwood, with stage design and […]

The music of Paul Elwood has been performed by the North Carolina Symphony, the Charleston Symphony, the Wichita Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Darius Milhaud Conservatoire, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra String Quartet, the Callithumpian Consort of the New England Conservatory, the Seattle Chamber Players, newEar New Music Ensemble, bouzouki […]

The 1986 Kansas State Bluegrass Banjo Champion, Elwood has collaborated with diverse players including bluegrass legend John Hartford, composer Christian Wolff, percussionist Famoudou Don Moyé (Art Ensemble of Chicago), guitarist Jean-Marc Montera (France), percussionist Eddie Prévost, Native American musician Robert Mirabal, cellist Hank Roberts, bassists Robert Black and Bertram Turetzky, […]