1983-Present MILONGA DE ALBORNOZ (2020) for oboe, piano, violin, cello. Commissioned by and composed for Bélen Hernandez, Romina Monsanto, Laura Pimentel, and Pablo Hernandez. Premiere pending. ATALANTA IN ATLANTIS (2020) in three movements, for mezzo-soprano and bowed/plucked five-string banjo. For Alice Simmons. Premiere pending. FOUR NOCTURNES FOR LINA (2020) for […]

STRANGE ANGELS: EXPLORING THE PARANORMAL (conceived in 2010; instrumentation and compositions evolving each performance) – an evening length program of chamber compositions (Shadows Red With Distant Suns, A Miasmatic Company of Ghosts, From a Far Corner of Memory [1972]); electronics (Strange Angels, Voiceless Transit [w/acoustics]), and folk-oriented tunes (UFOs Over […]

The music of Paul Elwood has been performed by the North Carolina Symphony, the Charleston Symphony, the Wichita Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Darius Milhaud Conservatoire, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra String Quartet, the Callithumpian Consort of the New England Conservatory, the Seattle Chamber Players, newEar New Music Ensemble, bouzouki […]

The 1986 Kansas State Bluegrass Banjo Champion, Elwood has collaborated with diverse players including bluegrass legend John Hartford, composer Christian Wolff, percussionist Famoudou Don Moyé (Art Ensemble of Chicago), guitarist Jean-Marc Montera (France), percussionist Eddie Prévost, Native American musician Robert Mirabal, cellist Hank Roberts, bassists Robert Black and Bertram Turetzky, […]